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Hi, I'm Ava.

Over the last decade, I have used Access Consciousness Tools to literally change all areas of my life. And I really mean ALL areas. Here's the thing - these tools are actually super easy & simple, but they only work when - drumrolls please 🥁- we use them. 

So that's the target of Conscious Creator's Club  - to invite to you to practice these tools in your everyday life & living.

We play with ongoing challenges, one off calls & tasters, book clubs, mini classes, and lots more! You'll also be invited to come play with other classes & adventures from time to time.

If you're looking to add some magic, fun, & accountability to your consciousness journey and practice, and if you'd like to have some playmates on the way, then this Club is for YOU. Come join us for some interactive play & BIIIG HUGS!! 🥰

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