Finding YOUR way in Business (and Life)

Jan 05, 2021

You know those moments where the world seems to crack open and you never see things the same way again? One of such cracks opened up for me last April, when my body got the not-so-great Coronavirus.

What’s really interesting is how more than the physical-experience of it, I suffered from my mental-experience of it.

Weeks leading to me contacting the virus, I had really bought into the scare of the whole thing. I was experiencing huge-scale anxiety & panic-attacks. I had the tools to manage my mind, but like many of us, I was in constant state of stress.

It was in those darkest moments that the crack started to open up for me. I had this compelling urge – a driving force from within, that was screaming something; I didn’t even know what! …but it felt like I was missing a point.

It was in that time that I remembered the thing about me I had kind of brushed under the carpet.

I’m an empath.

(For those of you who might not know what that means, here’s a lose definition I found on google: Empaths are highly sensitive individuals, who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling.)

And a HUGE amount of what I was calling ‘my’ anxiety and psychological experience, was actually my awareness of the collective experience of everybody else.

This last year, I had to become really present with it all and find a totally different way to be with everything in my life

And things changed dramatically.

  • Not only did my COVID-related stress disappear (not kidding!), I found a deep sense of inner-peace that I hadn’t experienced in years!
  • I realized that MY reality in life (& business) is different than anyone else’s, (that holds true for everyone, by the way), and I was determined to find it. So, a lot of things changed; on the inside, as well as on the outside. I ‘did’ less, and yielded a greater ‘result’.
  • Which actually led to 2020 being the highest earning year in my business yet (and it doesn’t make sense, ‘cause I broke a lot of ‘rules’); But most importantly, I found my ease in how I do business.

And so here I stand today, urging you to find what’s YOUR reality with everything (including business). How much more ‘ease’ is available for you, if you stepped into the power and presence of YOU?

What’s that totally different way to BE with everything, that’s waiting for you?

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