What is your reality (with money, and in life)...

and where will you find it?



▸ You never had to worry about money?

▸ Having money was easy, fun and joyful?

▸ You could have peace with money? No matter what your current financial situation is?

▸ You had way too much money to spend AND never enough?

▸ You could receive unlimited amounts of money from everywhere?


Join us for 21 Days of Immersive Deep Dive into the tools of the How to Become Money Workbook. 





Work through the book together


Do a Deep-Dive Study with the tools


Practice living these tools in our everyday lives




  • 21 Days
  • A Private Group
  • Daily Live Explorations
  • 3 x 60 Minute Live Q&A/Clearing Calls  
  • Recordings available soon after all calls


The Daily Live Calls will be at: 
11:00AM PT (your time)

Dates for the 3 x Q&A/Clearing Calls:
June 3 | June 13 | June 21
(same time as daily lives)

Pre-requisites - You must have a copy of the Money Workbook in Kindle or Hardcopy version. To purchase the workbook, CLICK HERE. (Also available to purchase on Amazon)

What if you committed to and showed up for You, every day?


Join The 

Be Power, Be Money  - 21 Days HTMB Challenge


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